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Transforming chronic care management through behavioral change and social health technologies.

Patient Engagements


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Minutes Saved per Patient


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10,000+ Patient Engagements
85% Patient Satisfaction
29 Minutes Saved per Patient
47% Readmission Reduction

Better Outcomes.
Lower Costs.®

We are improving outcomes by engaging each patient and personalizing their most effective path to wellness.

Our products work where you do

From patient education to wellness rewards, our products cover the entire care continuum. We are crafting an engaging experience across a variety of settings and devices.

Patients and Providers favorite Wellopp

Look! I just got the notification... It's like a friend from afar looking out for me
These are the questions that needed to be asked
You got any more of these? It's a good way to pass the time
I love this. Please keep bringing us more surveys. This is going to change the way we work for the better.
Care Suggestions allowed us to have a much richer dialogue about the issues my patients are facing.
We had a patient that was leaving against medical advice. After explaining the product and putting the tablet in front of him, he decided to stay...

From our family to yours

Headquartered in the Midwest, with offices from coast to coast, our mission is to ensure better outcomes and increase the quality of life for everyone that touches Wellopp.

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