We close the loop of coordinated care by identifying social determinants of health and curating a customized, local network of community services to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes and reduce costs.

Key Challenges

  • Payers’ push to increase provider financial risk
  • Increasing health inequities
  • Difficulty addressing underlying patient care quality issues
  • The disconnect between patients and community resources

Addressing SDOH helps you:

Reduce readmissions


Streamline workflow processes

Streamline workflow

Improve medication adherence

Improve medication

Achieve clinical excellence

Achieve clinical

Enhance patient experience

Enhance patient

Lower costs for capitated care

Lower costs for
capitated care

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“Mounting evidence supports causal relationships between many social—including socioeconomic—factors and many health outcomes … In addition to these relatively rapid health impacts, the effects of socioeconomic and other social factors on health-related behaviors can influence disease outcomes that only manifest much later in life.”

– from the journal Public Health Reports