Wellopp's comprehensive and flexible social determinants of health solution is designed to fit and change with your workflows and IT infrastructure.

Wellopp Social Needs Navigator gathers critical risk information at any touchpoint.

  • Timely, personalized education
  • Integrates into existing systems
  • Targets any high-risk patient

Whether at discharge, clinic visit or in the pharmacy, Social Needs Navigator can be used to help providers, payers, pharmacists and others in the care continuum identify those at risk and get them help. Available for a variety of learning styles, and in different languages, Social Needs Navigator is based on valid instruments and clinically authenticated screening questions.

Wellopp Social Needs Navigator
Wellopp Connect

Wellopp Connect ensures local social support networks are tapped to help break down barriers to better health.

  • Highly localized and personalized referral program
  • Personal follow-through
  • Extends engagement and connection

Healthcare doesn’t stop when an office, hospital or pharmacy visit is over. Offering referrals is one thing; following up with people to ensure connections are made and the help needed to follow care plans is provided is entirely another. We guide people through referrals and follow up.

Wellopp Connect

Wellopp Messenger extends the care dialogue between people and those who care about them, and their health.

  • Personalized texts
  • Built-in risk analysis
  • Provider alerts

People are able to respond to texts, and Messenger analyzes, responds and provides alerts when the platform detects a potential high-risk situation. The conversation doesn’t have to stop when the visit is over. With Messenger, you get a unique lens into what’s going on beyond the four walls of the care environment.

Wellopp Messenger

Wellopp Rewards is an add-on to Messenger that taps into motivation, connecting goal achievement with tangible incentives.

  • Customizable program
  • Leverages health behavior theory
  • Reinforces positive health behaviors

Rewards allows patients to earn points toward gift cards when they follow their care plan. Redeemable for gift cards to a variety of merchants, Rewards encourages with a carrot, not a stick.
Wellopp Rewards
CarePath Dashboard

The CarePath Dashboard is an interface for providers, pharmacies and payers to view Social Needs Navigator.

  • Beautiful, intuitive design
  • Illuminates social health vulnerabilities and other barriers
  • Identifies high-risk patients

The CarePath dashboard allows for the efficient, effective delivery of personalized care plans that truly meet patients where they are.

CarePath Dashboard