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About us

What We Do

Hospital readmissions cost our nation's healthcare systems a staggering $25 billion annually. For a variety of reasons, patients consistently fail to follow the care plan delivered during their discharge from the hospital. The failure may be related to comprehension, distraction, economic circumstances, education level or even language-related issues. We have proven that by eliminating data entry, providing deeper social health intelligence, and optimizing the patient experience we can limit preventable readmissions and increase patient satisfaction.


We Capture health literacy, learning style, and psychosocial risk.


We deliver engaging triple sensory self-care media to the bedside.


We break down and cross-index clinical, social, claims, and public record data.


We use what we've learned to produce real-time motivational interviewing scripts.


We guide patients into shared goal agreements that build confidence in recovery


We reward patients that follow their care plan and intervene with those who don't

Digital Humanism

The era of Meaningful Use brought the healthcare industry a flood of information technology. However, the technology was not designed with patients or providers in mind. It was designed to facilitate a complicated fee-for-service billing model that has proven itself unsustainable. To make matters worse, it created a world where data entry can dominate the caregivers professional life.

At Wellopp, we believe that healthcare technology must bring patients and caregivers closer together, not disconnect them from one another. It must alleviate caregiver burdens, not make them even more cumbersome... But most importantly, digital health technology must focus on improved patient outcomes.

Digital Humanism is the belief that the only worthy digital health solutions are those that focus on the Quadruple Aim and the patient-centered future of healthcare.